Hepa Diet.

A scientifically formulated

14-day meal plan

Efficiently reduces visceral fat.
Restores healthy eating habits. Helps to stay fit.

Hepa Diet. Scientifically formulated 14-day meal plan

Efficiently reduces visceral fat.
Restores healthy eating habits. Helps to stay fit.

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What is Hepa Diet

The Hepa Diet programme is designed for two weeks. It combines Hepa shakes and normal food, such as vegetables, protein, and oils.

One Hepa serving includes 26g of protein to support muscles and 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals to keep you energised during the day.

It also contains nutrients that lower blood cholesterol, improve metabolism, and maintain normal liver function.

Liver cleansing

Hepa Diet is a very effective strategy to significantly lower liver fat and liver stiffness. This conclusion is supported by scientific research.

Efficient fat burning

On Hepa Diet, the process of fat breaking down begins. At the same time, you don’t lose muscles as they are protected by lots of protein.

Metabolism boost

In 14 days, the body gets accustomed to a new regimen. It triggers the mechanism of self–adjustment. The effects will last after you finish the diet.

Your new lifestyle

Hepa Diet limits your calorie intake to 980 kcal per day.

500 kcal per day comes from delicious Hepa shakes. Have them for breakfast and lunch.

480 kcal per day comes from food. You can eat any vegetables and protein meals with an addition of some milk products and oils.

For your well-being and great results, you should drink plenty of water. We recommend drinking at least 2 litres per day when you are on Hepa Diet. The diet is full of fibre, and water prevents it from stagnating in the body.

Easy To Follow


Hepa Shake (250 kcal)


Hepa Shake (250 kcal) + veggie (100 kcal)


High protein meal (280 kcal) + veggie (100 kcal)

Safe and effective

Hepa Diet was developed in Germany by Hardy Walle, MD, Ph.D., internal medicine specialist and nutritionist with more than 20 years of experience and broad expertise in nutrition counseling.

His dieting method is used worldwide and is renowned for its premium quality, safety, and effect.

Product Range

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