Lose fat, stay fit
with Hepa Diet

Scientifically formulated diet that helps to reduce weight and lose belly fat in 2 weeks

Lose weight, stay fit Hepa Diet

Scientifically formulated diet that helps to reduce weight and lose belly fat in 2 weeks

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How Hepa Diet works

Hepa Diet is based on a high-quality meal replacement shake with nutrients that help maintain normal blood cholesterol, metabolism and normal liver function.

Despite the calorie restriction, you will not feel hungry, since the diet is high in protein and fibre. One Hepa serving includes 26g of protein to support muscles and 100% of the NRV vitamins and minerals. This means that you won’t feel weak and dizzy. A healthy dose of nutrients will keep you energised during the day.

What’s so great about Hepa Diet?

Liver cleansing

Hepa Diet is a very effective strategy to significantly lower liver fat and liver stiffness. This conclusion is supported by scientific research.

Efficient fat burning

On Hepa Diet, the process of fat breaking down begins. At the same time, you don’t lose muscles as they are protected by lots of protein.

Metabolism boost

In 14 days’ time, the body gets accustomed to a new regimen. It triggers the mechanism of self–adjustment. The effects will last after you finish the diet.

Is Hepa Diet right for you?

Hepa Diet is suitable for both men and women with excess belly fat or any amount of extra weight.

You can also use Hepa Diet if you need to get in shape quickly and keep fit in the future.

Hepa Diet is generally suitable for everyone over 18 if there are no medical contraindications. Not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your nutritionist first.

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Hepa Set

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Hepa Trial Set

For those who want to try Hepa Diet for 2 days, without too much commitment


Hepa Nero (Follow-Up Set)

Follow-up product for those who have completed the 14-day Hepa challenge


How to follow Hepa Diet

During two weeks of the diet, you’ll have two Hepa shakes, two portions of vegetables and one high-protein meal a day. 

The number of vegetables in a serving should not exceed 100 calories (which equals a large bowl of salad), and a protein dish should fit into 280 kcal. This is a large portion of chicken or fish, or a huge pile of shrimp, or a small steak.

We recommend eating three times a day at 4-5 hour intervals and switching to water and other zero-calorie drinks after dinner. This is the most gentle method of intermittent fasting, but it helps you burn more fat without replenishing your energy from the food you eat.⠀


Hepa shake (250 kcal)

4-5 hrs later

Hepa shake (250 kcal)
+ veggie (100 kcal)

4-5 hrs later

High-protein meal (280 kcal)
+ veggie (100 kcal)

Fasting Time

It is very important to drink at least 2 litres daily (sugar-free and calorie-free): mineral water, unsweetened tea, coffee. Please avoid snacks and alcohol.

Follow Up Plan

After 2 weeks on Hepa diet you will probably wonder what to do next. There is a follow-up plan for those who want to stabilise the success in the long term.

Is Hepa Diet safe?

Hepa Diet was developed by Hardy Walle, MD, PhD, internal medicine specialist and nutritionist with more than 20 years of experience and broad expertise in nutrition counselling.

His dieting method is used worldwide and renowned for its premium quality, safety, and effect.

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